Monday, April 14, 2014

I cursed the warm weather. Sorry.

Today's high was 5am. Then, in blew the wind that seriously felt like it was going to topple my classroom. It knocked out the power three times while knocking out the power to 3 of our other district  buildings. And when I left work, it was 59 degrees.

Tomorrow morning, it should be in the 20s or 30s. We are expecting another 1-3" of SNOW tomorrow!

The only thing I'm excited about is beating the previous snow record. We need 1.9" to tie it, so I'm hoping for that or more. Oh, and I'd take another snow day if it were offered to me...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring is finally here!

It's officially sleep-with-the-windows-open season, keeping our bedroom fresh and airy, one of my favorite times of year. The heat has been off for a few weeks now and the dogs aren't huddled in a heap to stay warm. The coats have mostly been ditched, sans a few cold mornings, and the sandbox has been opened for the season. The lawn chairs are coming out today, the playset is ready to go, and I can hear birds chirping in the wooded space behind our house almost constantly. Spring is here!

We've taken bike rides (Griffin has almost mastered the 2 wheel bike) and truck (Power Wheels) rides; we ate dinner outside the other day and followed it up with a nice leisurely walk around the block where Griffin inspected almost every manhole we came across with the same conclusion each time: "There's water down there!" And then he'd race off to the next one. He and Ryan did sprints around the block, Griffin calling the start and finish lines as he crossed them. It was lovely.

Bring on the green grass! Bring on the flowers!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


The preschool packet came yesterday - the one I have been waiting so anxiously for. Our local elementary school (the one where Griffin will attend K-5 and is within walking distance) was the only school slotted for full day preschool, and although I wasn't super concerned with whether he'd be full day or not I *was* worried he'd be placed in another building and that would be just another transition for our family. He handles transitions really well, but that's also more work for us (i.e., it would require driving instead of it being optional for poor weather days, and we would eventually have 2 elementaries to get used to instead of just one...not to mention the fact that a placement at his Someday School would also mean he'd become a familiar face for the staff) so it was nice to hear that he was placed at the Someday School - Bentley Elementary.

I'd anxiously awaited news of the preschool assignment, so I was surprised at my response to it's arrival. Change is always hard on me, and this was one major change. I won't be dropping Griffin off at his beloved school (daycare) in the wee hours of the morning anymore. I won't be working full time. There will be another small being with us to accompany us on walks, another small being to take care of. It's strange to think that for the first time in ten years I won't be working full time, and for the first time in my life I'll have two little boys to take care of. A lot is about to change in our lives, that's for sure.

 I'm excited to have time to spend alone with Popsicle while Griffin gets some much needed school time (I don't think he'd enjoy being home with me full time - he needs the peer stimulation and change of environment) but I'm also sad that my sweet little buddy is old enough for public preschool and will be gone 4 full days a week while I'm mostly at home. I really feel like this is a great placement for him but man, I didn't expect to be so overwhelmed by emotions.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My addiction.

I confess: I am addicted to reading.

I can't read like a normal person. I don't read a few pages here and there, taking a week or more to finish a book. I become obsessed, even with books I don't love. I read every moment I get. I choose reading over virtually anything (aside from requirements and kid stuff) - over TV, over movies, over napping, over relaxing. And then before I know it I'm done with something in a day or two, three at tops.

I read fast, especially on my Kindle. I probably miss a lot of details but it's like a voracious appetite I have to finish something. I've finished 12 books already this year and marvel at how I've found the time to read so much. I don't know how many pages that is, but a lot as some of the things I've read have been quite lengthy. I try to intersperse a young adult book between longer adult pieces to give my eyes and brain a break, but I tear through them in a day. I am just not a slow reader.

Part of the speed is the loaning of online books. I only have 21 days to read them and would hate to discover I've run out of time and have to wait another 20 loans to see the book again. I also hate to think of other people waiting on slow readers, so I try to take my turn quickly but as thoroughly as possible. I haven't waited too long for any of the books on my list, so perhaps other people read like this too. Maybe it's a cult. 

As I've gotten older I think my reading tastes have expanded, but I still can't stand to read much mainstream junk. I refuse to read trashy novels, mysteries, or crappy literature. I prefer things that have some substance to them that I may actually learn something from in one way or another. I prefer things that have exciting climaxes but intricate characters. Basically, I prefer reading good books. Big surprise.

I've found a ton of stuff through my local library but am seeing the choices get whittled down and not sure what to do next. I've exhausted my Kindle credit and hate spending $8 on a book for my kindle that I can't even loan others. I get 1 loan free a month from amazon, but their choices aren't exactly my top choices, and right now I'm going through 4 books a month anyway, so somewhere I need to supplement.

Anyway, I love and hate this addiction. I know it won't last forever, which is both good and bad, and I know that it's just a lining up of the stars that this love has come at a time I can actually carve out some additional reading time. I like Griffin seeing me read and hope this will help him become an avid reader too. And it's better to be addicted to reading than a lot of other things, right? But man, between the books and the pregnancy I am having some WILD dreams. After reading Kitchen Confidential and Fallout I somehow managed to concoct a dream where I was stuck in an underground shelter for 2 weeks with Gordon Ramsey (not at all related to either book) who served me gourmet meals of spam and all sorts of things. I did NOT want to leave, contrary to the characters in Fallout.

I think the books may be getting to me....

If you're curious, my goodreads account is here:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Giving love to get love.

Last week, Griffin and I were on a quick run at the local grocery store, going through the produce department, when I saw something shocking: a man kicked three bags of radishes that had fallen. He didn't gently move them with his foot, he didn't stoop to pick them up. He kicked them aside almost as hard as he could. I couldn't believe it.

I stopped and picked it up, even though there's a million times a day I go out of my way to avoid picking up anything with my ever expanding baby belly. But it stuck with me - I don't know he couldn't just pick them up himself.

Then I saw this video today, and I felt a little bit better. I love how seeing people do positive things inspires me, and maybe when I thought no one was watching me, someone was - maybe even my 3.5 year old son.